Class of the titans -Zeus
King of the Gods
God of the Sky
God of Thunder
Parents Father:Cronus


Consort Hera
Brothers Poseidon & Hades
Sisters Demeter & Hestia
Sons Ares, Apollo ,Hephaestus , Hermes Dionysus and Hercules
Daughters Athena,Artemis,Aphrodite & Persephone
Physical Characteristic
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Species Olympian Gods
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Weapons Thunderbolt
Home Titan Wings

Zeus is the king of the olympian gods and husband to Hera and son of Cronus, whom he usurped, defeated, and imprisoned in the Underworld.Zeus and brother divided the universe with Zeus taken the sky as his domian.


In Greek Mythology, Zeus (Ζεύς) was the king of Olympus, ruler of Mount Olympus, and god of the sky and lightning. His symbols were the Thunderbolt, Eagle, Bull, Serpent, and Oak Tree. Zeus was the child of the Titans Cronos and Rhea, and the youngest but strongest to all his siblings. It was Zeus who led his brothers and sisters into battle against the Titans, claiming the throne of his father and banishing the Titans to Tartarus. He then married his sister Hera, goddess of women and marriage

In the SeriesEdit

In the show , Zeus is the all powerful king of the Gods . Throughout season 1, the Chosen Ones are unable to meet him (because apparently the time isn't right) or rather, do not recognize him that he is Mr. Suez ('Zeus' spelled backwards), the school's janitor. He is depicted as a frail grumpy-looking old man with a beard and English accent, who wouldn't say a word until episode "They Might Be G.I.Ants." He is rather disorganized and has a storage locker full of miscellaneous items, most of which are made of gold. His absent-mindedness and appearance as an elderly man resulted from using up his powers to send the Chosen Ones back to the future after their role in thwarting Cronus' time altered victory at the Titanomachy. The Chosen Ones, after seeing Zeus during the Titan War, finally recognize Mr. Suez as Zeus after they return to the present. In his youth, he had blond hair and appeared muscular. He plays a more active role in season 2 and is shown to be much more easy-going and friendly .

Personality and Physical AppearanceEdit

  • Zeus is initially depicted as a grumpy old man ignoring the heroes and overseeing them from a far , however when the heroes finally meet Zeus they find out that zeus is really easygoing and Friendly . He also wise and is sometime the voice of reason within the gods . he also also has be seen that he can be stubborn and pridfeful .

  • In his younger years ,Zeus is depicted as a musdecular Man dress in a Purple toga with a blond hair and a bloond beard . After many Eons Zeus is currently depicted as a frail grumpy-looking old man with a beard and English accent .

Powers & AbilitiesEdit