The Trojan Horse is 6th episode of the series

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  • When Cronus is unsucessful in capturing the Griffin , He command the giants to search for such as Instrument that is powerful enough such a powerful Creature .
  • The Heroes are Attacked by a bear rescued by Hermes when he uses his herald Staff to control the bear .
  • At the Hero's campsite . Hermes give odie his Herald Staff in case the bear returns . moments later Giants appear and begin fighting the heroes , odie tries to control the Giants with Herald Staff however is unsuccessful
  • The Giant are successful in stealing the Staff , However during fight the staff is broken and Odie pick that broken piece
  • The Hero return to Olympus high Where odie tells Hermes about his Herald Staff , hermes infoms the heroes that because his staff is broken it is Powerless . odie then tell the group that he off the team .
  • Hera forbid him from talking to odie and makes Neil the new team Leader . Odie is contacted by Cronus vis his computer screen and is invited for a meeting .
  • Odie arrives at cronus hide out , Cronus give Odie the strength of 100 giants as an Offer to Work for him and still the broken of the
  • Odie reaches Olympian High and Fight the Heroes , Threaten to Break Jay Arms if Theresa Does not give Him the Broken Piece of the herald staff .
  • Odie returns to cronus and give him the broken piece Cronus Fixes the Herald Staff moments the other heroes arrive .
  • Cronus make odie prove his loyalties by having him order the griffin to attack his former friends ,to Cronus surprise odie betray him by having the Griffin attack him rather then his friends .


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