The Nature of Things is the 5th Episode of the series

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  • A couple is captured and entangled in vines by , a mysterous individual .
  • Archie is practicing asking a girl when the Jay , Herry , Odie and Neil see and start laughing . they find out that the girl archie want to ask out is Atlanta they tell him that he does not ahve a chance.
  • The new kind in school namae phil seem to be attracting the attention of the girl at Olympus High much to the surprise of Neil.
  • Phil invites Atlanta Personally to his benifit concert for the an Ecological Group Called green alliance which Atlanta Volenteers.
  • Jay , Odie and Archie go to Apollo and listen to Phil's Music . The Music put Apollo and the trio into a trance . the music makes the plant grow wildly . Phil seem to remind Apollo of someone who he use to know in past and wonders if he know the true meeting of panic .
  • Odie Analyzes phil's Music and notices a Frequency anomaly and goes to Persephone solarium to test out the affects of Music on the Plants.
  • Theresa , Herry and Neil notice that plants at Olympus high are overgrown Phil and Atlanta . Neil and Thersea decide to sneak around to find more infromation about phil .Neil and theresa see Phil flirting with another girl , they decide to tell atlanta however Phil find them begins to fight with them Theresa and Niel are capture .
  • When phile and atlanta are preparing for the concert , she notice that Phil has Horns
  • Jay , Archie anf Herry go to Persephone Solarium and notice the mess . the Concert Begins and crowd is crazy . Jay , Herry , archie and odie snaps atlanta out of the trance . Odie came to the Conclusion that Phil is actually Pan .
  • Phil(Pan) then Put a Disc with Cronus Face on it which put all the whole crowd into a hypnotic trance . vines then start grab all the Individual in the Growd
  • The Heroes Confront Phil , a fight begins , Theresa and Neil escape the Vines .
  • Phil ,now out of his Trance , decide to go into isolation to prevent Cronus from finding him out he also does not want to scorded by Hera .





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