Polyphemus is the one-eyed cyclops and son of Poseidon who was blinded by Odysseus wielding a sharpened log, which he still keeps with him as a reminder. Since the blinding, he had taken up smithing to redeem himself in the eyes of the gods.

In the SeriesEdit

Eye for an EyeEdit

Cronos gives him his sight back in exchange for seven descendants of the Greek heroes, and sets-up his new workshop at an abandoned factory. Poisoning his mind that the descendants of the original heroes were the originals, he captured five until Archie and Theresa freed them. Archie was about to use one of his own thunderbolts against him when Odie took the fall. Polyphemus revived him with his electric orb that also serves as a charger for the thunderbolts. But then Cronos brought the building down, possibly killing him. Polyphemus also holds strong values for honour.

Polyphemus ReturnsEdit

Polyphemus survives and sets up a workshop in Mt. Etna, where the original cyclopes Brontes, Steropes, and Arges once worked. He remains blinded, but has concealed the Eye of the Storm, the electric orb he used to charge thunderbolts, concealed in the socket. He witnesses Cronus bring the trio back to life in order to craft a weapon powerful enough to destroy the heroes and sends a warning to Odie. However, he is captured by Cronus and the heroes must not only destroy Cronus' new weapon but rescue their old friend. Subsequently, Polyphemus finds a place of honour and becomes the assistant blacksmith of the gods, working under Hephaestus.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit