The Nature of Things 23
God of Nature
Parents Hermes
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Pan is the demigod of nature


In the SeriesEdit

He falls under the control of Cronos. Disguised as Phil, a student at New Olympia, Pan is known locally as DJ Panic, a DJ popular with the ladies and even attracted the attention of Atlanta, who had never been attracted to others in a romantic way before. However, he secretly wreaks havoc using hypnotizing trance music and controlling plants, particularly vines. He can also shoot vines out of his fingers and open the ground to reveal a three-headed plant monster than spits acid and has sharp teeth. His appearance is similar to that of a satyr (half-man and half-goat). when Cronus poisons the Garden of the Hesperides and Atlanta and Archie are sent to find him in hopes of healing the Tree of Immortality. Since his last appearance, he has been living in series of tree houses in a rainforest. Though he seems to have lingering feelings for Atlanta, thus inciting Archie's jealousy, and asks that she stay with him to heal the Tree of Immortality, Pan's feelings go unreciprocated and Atlanta chooses to return with her friends.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit