The Good looking
Character Trait
Main Powers {{{ Main powers}}}
Personality Self centered blunt, has a high opinion of himself, and is easily startled caring
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Species Human
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Goal To Defeat Cronus and to be a model
Weapons None
Descendent Narcissus
Home The Brownstone
Voice Ted Cole
Enemies Cronus and Adonis

Neil is "The Good Looking, and a descendant of Narcissus.

In The SeriesEdit

Neil is The last of the seven to join the group, Neil is 16 years old and exceptionally handsome and knows it, as he works as a freelance model and has his photos plastered all over New Olympia. Archie once said that: "The only person Neil loves is Neil". He nearly sided with Cronos, believing the god to be a top agent in the entertainment industry before the Olympians got to him. His lifestyle made him a spoiled brat, and the others initially harbored some doubts of his status as a 'hero'. He always has a monogrammed three-paneled mirror on-hand, which includes an autographed picture of himself that flips out of the middle mirror. Neil considers himself to be quite cultured and an all around fashion expert, and is easily upset if his clothes become dirty or spotted. He is notorious for being late and is also obsessed with horror films focused on vampires and werewolves. However, he is extremely lucky, which helps defeat far more powerful foes, as well as help him with minor things like always winning coin tosses and board games. He wants to prove to the team that he is a hero. He tends to be rather blunt, has a high opinion of himself, and is easily startled. Neil generally does not wield a weapon, much to his annoyance, but is usually able to use weapons like tasers and Hecate's torches with great effect, likely because of his natural luck. But in episode 24: Sybaris Fountain, he finds himself very capable against Sybaris' vampire minions (with a water gun filled with holy water). He emits a high-pitched girlish scream when frightened, his worst fear is, not surprisingly, becoming bald, gaining weight and developing skin problems. He also snores quite loudly when he sleeps to the irritation of the other teen heroes. Despite his self-centered attitude, Neil does care deeply for his friends and will do whatever he can to help them when they need him most, even if it means putting aside the well-being of his hair.


As Hero , Jay possesses super human Abilities such as being extremely lucky