Get Kraken is 16 th episode of the series

Episode GuideEdit

  • Cronus is on a Yacht when hr proclaim that it is too Quiet and then throws a ring with a skull in the ocean . when it the bottom of the ocean it emit a bright white light which causes an earthquakes .
  • Hera tells the heroes that the Kraken is on the loose . Hermes tells the heroes poseidon is on his way to catch it and insisted to take care of it himself . Before the heroes leave Hera tells theresa that she related to Poseidon through her ancestor theseus .
  • The Team make up a to find and Capture the kraken . Poseidon find the Kraken however before can capture crous sneak behind and grabs his trident , Cronus is with the trident is able to over power poseidon .
  • Theresa , Atlanta and Odie go to hephaestus looking fora device to trap the Kraken . Archie find a Bomb that has in Zeus we trust on the side .Jay , Herry , Atlanta and Neil find the kraken .
  • Cronus has trap Poseidon in the Desert . Hermes has lost contact with poseidon , hera is fearing the worst and concludes that the Kraken was just bait to draw out poseidon , theresa promises that she'll find him and asks Hermes to help .
  • Theresa goes to Hermes room and uses his Portals to find Poseidon .The heroes confront the Kraken and Cronus who uses the trident to create a massive Wave .
  • Theresa find poseidon chained to the ground , she free him and drag him to the shore , When poseidon get to the shore he create a water tunnel that transport him and Theresa to the others location .
  • When they get there poseidon fight Cronus and tried steal back his trident and Odie and Archie finally arrive with Bomb .
  • When the Kraken is in the Target area Jay tell odie to released the Bomb . when the Bomb explodes the kraken i suck down to ocean floor .
  • After the Heroes save the day they are invited to Poseidon underwater Palace , Which who afride of water turns down , however Poseidon insist.







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