Atlas is a Titan and native of Atlantis. He usually supports the Pillars of the Sky ever since the Titans were defeated in the Titanomachy. Though once in a while, he needs a massage because holding the sky is a "pain in the back". He tells the kids that Atlantis and the Atlantic Ocean were named after him and sounds a bit like a cowboy.

  • Mythology
But, in the Greek mythology, Titan Atlas was depicted to be a strong warrior, but he was defeated by the gods, and Lord Zeus punished him by asking him to carry the weight of the heavens in his bare shoulders.
  • In God Of War, it was said, after, Titanomachy, the great solid dome of the sky, which was Oranos's, broke, after the intensive battle. So, Atlas was punished to hold the sky. The remains of the dome, later became Adamant, which was used as Adamant, a metal, used to design the doors that kronos is sealed in. It was also a metal that the gods can never break, this fact is because, of sabotaging of their (gods) kind.

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